Meet The Staff

Meet the Staff!

Without our writers, we wouldn’t have the opportunities to keep growing and expanding like we are.  The writers are an integral part of The B.A. Network most notably to The B.A. Observer.  So this page is dedicated to the men and women who help contribute to The B.A. Observer!

Adam Wisenbarger– Co-Founder of The B.A. Network/Co-Host of The Don’t Stop Believeland Sports Podcast

Adam is a die hard sports fan, who is pursuing a career in radio broadcasting.  Adam has a little bit of Sports Writing experience but wanted to be able to write on his own terms without bias and restriction, which gave him the idea to partner up with his best friend from High School (Brandon Trainor) to create the B.A. Observer.  After a few months, when Adam started to pursue the Radio Broadcasting career, he realized he could utilize The  B.A. Observer as a way to get experience under his belt and it led to the creation of The Don’t Stop Believeland Sports Podcast  where he along with friend (Ty Tarchanin) and brother (Aric Wisenbarger) host a weekly Podcast about all sports, mainly focusing on Cleveland Sports.

Brandon Trainor-Co-Founder of The B.A. Network/Content Manager of B.A. Food

The B.A. Observer was founded by Brandon and Adam because they wanted a place to talk about what they loved. In Brandon’s case: Food. Brandon has worked his way through the restaurant world starting with his first position as Dishwasher at age 16. Interest in cooking came with the question of “Why?”. The science of cooking- the “Why’s” and “How’s” of gastronomy – is his main focus and he began learning and reading non-stop. Turning down culinary school to take a fine-dining job his knowledge comes from learning on his own and on the job. Not liking how little most restaurants actually CARE about food he left cooking professionally for now and is putting efforts in to this blog to provide cooking tips for the home-cook. His goals are to open a restaurant centered around local, fresh, organic foods that are specific to that region.

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Ty TarchaninCo-Host of Don’t Stop Believeland Sports Podcast

Aric Wisenbarger-Producer of Don’t Stop Believeland Sports Podcast

Aric is currently the superintendent of The Woods Golf Course in Mansfield, Ohio. When he is not at work he spends his time either, hunting fishing, watching Cleveland Sports or spending time with his girlfriend Taylor Foster.  Aric studied Information Technologies at Knox County Career Center and he utilizes those skills to produce the B.A. Sports Podcast.

Jenni Carr-Writer at The B.A.Observer

Jenni has always shown an interest in writing and recently took a larger leap into blog writing. Writing as Creatively Carr, she hopes to include many different life experiences, as well as popular, current topics, in her writing. Jenni has previously written different blog posts based on the topics of education and gluten free recipes. She lives in the Columbus, Ohio area with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. She enjoys reading, crafting, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

April Pashovich– Writer The B.A. Observer

April Pashovich set out to be the greatest singer alive…except that she cannot sing- but she can write! She interned with The Westerville Area Arts Commission while finishing college. Years later, after having written various newsletters, talks, and presentations for 9-5 jobs, she decided to write for online publications. She currently writes for Pagan Pages e-zine, and is happy to join the Team at the B.A. Observer.