The Teenage Liberal

I'm writing this story at 2 o'clock in the morning, simply to introduce myself and say hello to the community.

Though I am entitling this "The Teenage Liberal" (mostly because all of the other authors on here have a cool tag line) I don't want readers to be discouraged from reading my work. I have been writing as a journalist, for my school newspaper and otherwise for almost 4 years, and with that experience I have gained the ability to weigh both sides fairly when necessary as well as make my views clear and easy to understand, especially for those that do not agree with what I have to say.

I will spend most of my time writing about politics and reacting to current news. I am always open to criticism and advice, as well as a good healthy debate.

Because I am only a senior in high school I understand that I may not always be taken seriously, even when readers are presented with the facts, but that is why I choose to present my work as accurately as possible and I tend to keep my works free of discrimination, bashing, and judgement.

I'm sometimes a very active writer, and other times too busy to even spit out an article a week, so I make no promises to publish often or otherwise.

I'm here not only to be a truthful, relevant, and interesting writer with whom some readers can relate while others can debate (do you see what I did there, haha), but also to grow as a writer and as a person. This is me, and I hope you readers enjoy what I have to offer.


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