The Media Circus

People need to realize that the media is reporting news in a way that they can profit from, often meaning they will manipulate stories and facts to sell news.  There is always another side to the story, and until the people consuming the news realize that the world is going to continue to divide.

American politics will be used as my prime example.  A bullshit news story could surface about an elephant shooting a rhino with the zoo keepers shotgun and all the sudden America is at a divide.  Before they even take time to look at both sides of the story they will Facebook argue until their arthritis flairs up.

We will have the conservatives screaming that animals are becoming too developed and that the animal population needs controlled.  You will have liberals screaming that the guns are the issue and that the animals have a right to evolve.  Then come the millennials screaming that the older generation needs to accept the fact that animals can now use shotguns and the world is changing.  PETA is confused as hell and doesn’t know what to think.

But what nobody is doing is looking for the truth…

Nobody is concerned about why the Elephant shot the Rhino.

Maybe the Rhino was trying to hurt the Elephant and his family.  Did you ever think of that?  No, you only think about what the news reports and you got to stick to your viewpoints without taking all aspects of the story into consideration..

Think about that next time you watch the news…ya jerks!


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