New approach/ Why Did Brandon Go Vegan?

The B.A. Observer is slightly over a year old.  Brandon and Myself started this blog in March of 2016 with the idea that we viewed the world a little different from those close to us. We each felt (as I’m sure most people do) that our opinion’s on various topics were unique in their own way, and we wanted a place to share our thoughts and opinions. Neither of us have necessarily been trend followers for the sake of fitting in, in fact sometimes we would do quite the opposite.  Over time we realized we realized there have to be others like that as well, so we opened up our blog to allow other writers a chance to share their own thoughts and opinions. That’s where the slogan “our observations of the world around us” comes into play.  We take each writer in giving them absolute freedom to share whatever it is that they want to share.

Over time, we have tried various processes to help grow the blog in popularity, albeit all have failed.  Brandon and myself have taken considerable amount of time away from the blog pursuing other interests for the time being, but would often discuss how we wanted to proceed with the blog.  Finally we came to an agreement, that we need to get back to the basics and back to what got us motivated to start this in the first place; a chance to share our opinions.

We are going to try something uncommon when it comes to blogs, we are each going to collaborate on articles, going back and forth with our discussions.  We will do our best to differentiate between who is talking so it makes it easy for you to follow along.  This is going to be sort of a “written podcast” if you will and hopefully it is enjoyable for anyone who stumbles across it and our hope is to bring new information, or perspective on various topics to you, that you otherwise may have never come across.

Our first topic should be fun.  It’s going to be about the Vegan lifestyle.  Brandon and his girlfriend Kristin are both vegan, something they started doing back in October of 2016. Below you will find our conversation/argument/debate whatever you want to call it, about the vegan lifestyle.

Adam:  “Brandon, what is something most people don’t know about being vegan?”

Brandon: “I would have to say the most overlooked part is that veganism isnt this crazy idea but something our body actually was designed for and craves. If your body responds ONLY in positive ways to a change its worth taking a deeper look.”

Adam: “What made you decide to take a deeper look into it? I know you like to read all sorts of weird stuff that you find fascinating, is it something you stumbled across orrr…?”

Brandon: “I couldn’t separate killing animals and eating meat. Obviosuly we all know that animals die and that’s how we get meat but most people just barely acknowledge it. When you learn how horrible, even highly rated, slaughterhouses are-it made me not want to be a part of that. And then by researching how and what to eat when giving up meat I discovered all types of scientific studies that show not only is veganism the healthiest diet for us but that we are DESIGNED to eat that way.”

Adam: “If that’s the case, then how come that’s not more widely known? Like, why do you have to do that much research to find that out as opposed to that being common knowledge?”

Brandon: “if you ask who discovered America people will say Christopher Columbus. But that’s wrong. Leif Ericson and other vikings made it here way sooner. If you ask what people ate at the 1st Thanksgiving people will say turkey. Which is wrong. If you ask who created the American flag people say Betsy Ross. Edison invented the light bulb? False. There are thousands of misconceptions about things and food is no different. The common person lives their life based on what their parents did and rarely question things. But you would be surprised that most beliefs can be disproven. And as for why its not common knowledge is because the food industry has lobbyists in our government that make it hard for information to get out. Monsanto for example has been caught paying people to comment online saying GMO’s are proven by science. It comes down to whos in power and beef and dairy are huge political variables.”

Adam: “Ok, but what about the “cavemen” and humans of the past that had to hunt for their food? If our bodies weren’t meant to consume meat then wouldn’t they have just harvested their food instead of hunting animals for it?”

Brandon: “They did. Ancient man learned to eat meat as scavengers. But we developed off of starches. Corn,wheat,oats,barley,quinoa,potatoes and rice. Apes eat fruit and the occasional insect but eat fruit because they need the simple sugars as carbohydrates. We developed and advanced by gettong our sugars from complex carbs in starches. And the more humans spead out they ate meat in times of need. But every ancient culture developed from one staple starch. Corn in the Americas aling with potatoes and quinoa. Rice in Asia. Sweet potatoes in Papua New Guinea. And on and on. Rasing livestock for mass consumption is a modern idea. Meat was eaten buy the rich and a delicacy for the lower classes. When the times became modern and trains and industry made things more available people ate more meat. But its not what we were designed for. Not our teeth not our intestines. None of it. A herbivore can only eat plants and survive. A carnivore must have meat to survive. An omnivore eats both and can live off of only 1. People say humans are omnivores but we cannot survive on meat alone. We needs plants to survive making us herbivores. More specifically-starchivores.”

Adam: “I thought our back teeth are meant to help chew meat? Also just because we cant survive from meat alone dosent mean it cant be included in our diet.”

Brandon: No our back teeth are for grinding. I just explained how it was inckuded in our dieta originally. But you have to make a choice. The major diseases Americans die from are caused from meat consumption. And BILLIONS of animals are raised solely for being butchered. If you are ok with those things then sure,eat meat. But then are you really eating meat? Do you really crave chasing down animals and eating them raw? People don’t crave dead animals. They crave flesh cooked and seasoned and flavored so far beyond actual meat that its not even the same thing. And eating something bad for you and the environment for the sake of a flavor is nuts.”

Adam: what is the purpose of having teeth that grind? And while I don’t agree with the methods used during factory farming, I do think it is unfortunate and unethical what they do to the animals, I don’t see how eating meat causes health problems”

Brandon: “Grinding for grains, seeds,etc. As far as health problems-animal protein is the only food source that contains cholesterol. Your body makes all that you need naturally. Any other is just causing stress to your heart. Fats are another example. Not only does eating fat make you fat due to the extreme caloric density but it serves no purpose. Of course you need fats in small amounts such as omega 3’s but you can get those from seeds and nuts or even potatoes. Also, animal proteins cause our bodies to be acidic. The more acidity we have the nore out bodies are depleted of nutrients. This is very common among women. People recommend women have more milk to get vitamin d. But when getting vitamin d from milk(which is nonsense anyway since the most efficient was to get vitamin is from the sun) they become acidic and causes the body to experience metabolic acidosis. And to combat this our bodies take nutrients from bone. Causing the osteoperosis they were trying to avoid. Oseteoperosis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, most form of cancer- all of these diseases are tied to the level of animal protein the population eats. In “the China Study” they factored in every pollutant, gender, age, everything and it is certain. 

Eating meat causes the top 10 or so leading causes of death which essentially is most Americans deaths.”

Adam: “I’m 26 and (knock on wood) I’ve been relatively healthy.. overweight and out of shape sure (round is a shape), but everytime I’ve been to the doctor they have told me I’m healthy, every one of my meals consist of either meat and cheese…cheesy meat is my favorite, what your telling me sounds good and everything, but to this point it has not affected me”

Brandon: “Well ya. We are young and most of these issues catch up to us at age 35-40. But are you healthy? What’s ur cholesterol level? With “every meal consisting of meat and cheese” it is high. And with that comes numerous problems. The number one symptom of a heart attack is death. Heart disease is a very internal issue and a routine check up doesn’t catch it.”

Adam: “I don’t exactly have a cholesterol checker at my disposal, but according to the doctor last time I was there it obviously wasn’t to awful bad. And although a routine check up may not catch heart disease wouldnt it show signs such as high cholesterol or blood pressure etc…?”

Brandon: “Sure blood pressure. But cholesterol if checked can even problematic due to standards. The acceptable level of cholesterol is constantly being lowered. What was acceptable in the 70’s would be insane now. And even now “normal”levels of cholesterol are high. Anything above a 119 is bad and that is considered “very low”. The food industry has a hand in this because they now they are feeding people cholesterol. So a doctor can tell a patient that his cholesterol is ok. But he still is at risk. 100 percent of heart attacks occur in a body with a cholesterol aberage of 119 or above. And if you eat meat everyday you will be lucky to ever aee even that low of a score.”

Adam: “why not vegetarian for you then?  Why full blown vegan?”

Brandon: Vegetarian as in eggs and dairy? Because there is no difference. Eggs have more cholesterol than any other animal product. Health wise there is no difference. And its more than that. Eating vegan is as much for animals and the earth as your own body. The carbon emissions from farming is insanely disastrous. And not to mention the cruel way animals are raised.”

Adam: “what is a typical meal you eat?”

Brandon: “A typical meal would be a salad with some raw vegetables and roasted potatoes. Starchwa make up most of my diet. So potatoes, rice, beans mainly and occasionally whole grain pasta.”

Adam: “on a scale of 1-10 how much do you miss meat and cheese?”

Brandon: “Meat?= 0, Cheese= 2”

Adam: “any advice for any of the readers considering making the switch?”

Brandon: “To think of it in the simplest terms: If its bad for your body, bad for the earth and bad for the animal what are you waiting for?”


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