Writing…where have you gone?

As technology becomes more and more prevalent, children are expressing themselves in different ways that appear to be vastly different to a degree than what children a generation ago did.  Today, children have video games that are almost virtual reality/life-like, emojis, and shorthand to text with their friends.  Years ago, we wrote each other letters like “Do you like me?  Circle YES or NO.”  While these types of notes are periodically being passed around classrooms today, the detail in the writing and the creativity behind using a wide range of vocabulary and imagery is being lost.  Teachers are trying to find ways to get their students to understand the concepts of writing complete paragraphs with topic sentences, three supporting details, and conclusion sentences.

Nowadays, children have difficulty expressing themselves verbally because they don’t always know how to answer the “whys” and the “hows” to certain problems that arise.  This, often, carries over into their writing.

Writing needs to continue to be encouraged within the classroom setting, as well as at home.  Children need to express themselves verbally and in writing.  Not only is writing an important form of communication via email, letters, text messages and the like, but it, also, provides opportunities for children to express their feelings, emotions about things when they do not feel comfortable discussing them aloud.  Writing often provides an outlet for creativity, as well, allowing the authors to produce imagery on paper that they may not be able to form any other way.

So, if the “spirit of writing” or the “spirit of creativity” moves, write!  Get your thoughts out!  Create images on a page with your words!  And, most of all, have fun!


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