Do Yourself A Favor and Travel!

Travelling is something that we should all experience. Not only does it help us gain more knowledge about various places but it also helps us have a broader perspective. We all live in a bubble that usually is comprised of our town and the surrounding 50 miles. But there is a whole state out there to explore! And then our whole awesome country and then the world. There are many, many places and we could never take them all in 20 lifetimes, but we should try.I, myself, have been to 26 states. I have never flown and that equates to A LOT of time on the road. I have mainly been to western states and have never even been east of Ohio (except for southeastern states) but I would like to change that. The ultimate trip would start in my home state of Ohio and I would head west and hit every state there and then go south, swing back up the east coast and then back to Ohio. The lower 49 states are pretty accessible given you have time and money to drive there and I think it would be worth it.

The United States is a massive country, in terms of land, and within are numerous cultures, accents, customs and more. We can experience so many things without even leaving our country. But I think that the level of interaction is diminished when we fly places. Leaving a cold, snowy state in December and flying to Florida is great. In 3 hours time you increase 50 degrees and have an almost instant vacation experience. But when you drive, you take it all in. The scenery alone is worth driving. My first time going west we drove from Ohio to Montana. Everything, essentially, looks the same until you get to the western side of Wisconsin. Then the land changes and soon after that you are in the great plains. I cannot explain how vast the great plains are. The flatness of them only accentuates how truly enormous it is. While driving, we were driving through a storm and the entirety of the storm was visible. The whole perimeter of the storm overhead could be seen. I have still never seen anything like that. My first site of the Rocky Mountains was in South Dakota. They were tiny and very far away. I remember being asked by my Grandpa when we first saw them how far I thought they were. I guessed and said a couple hours. Wrong. We were still 2 days drive from them. Seeing something that is TWO DAYS away is so surreal, and when you finally get to the foothills you see how it’s possible. They are huge.

The moral of my story is- take a road trip. At least once. You will not regret it.


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