I’m often reminded of individuals who have positively impacted my life and left a positive legacy of how they lived their lives.  While each of them were human and were not perfect, they all did a lot of good and touched lives.  For those they did impact, the people impacted may not always remember the small things done for them, but they will likely remember the legacy of those who have gone before them.  Leaving a long-lasting, memorable, and hopeful legacy for those we leave behind inspires others to focus on the positive impact we had on our community, our world.

While doing research, a couple of people come to mind on how their legacy impacted several lives within the communities of where they lived.  First of all, Mother Theresa played a vital role in the lives of hundreds and thousands of individuals in India, especially the orphans and women of India.  She left a legacy that allows us to want to positively impact others’ lives, particularly those who are in need.  Another person who had a large impact on his local community and school system was Robert Morin.  Robert saved a million dollars over several years in order to donate it back to the school he worked at as a librarian upon his passing.  He positively impacted the lives of current students, teachers, and families, as well as the lives of futures students, teachers, and families.

Life-long actions and decisions show character of who we are as people, what we’re truly made of.  People are constantly watching what we do and making judgements, regardless of whether those views are accurate and true.  It’s important to remember to make wise decisions for you, as an individual.  When those decisions are made, hopefully, the end result will be a positive one for you and those around you.  When brazen, abrupt choices are made, lives are negatively impacted.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your own children, family, community?  Hopefully, it will be one of strength, kindness, hope, and servitude.



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