Richland County’s Secret Superstar

Last night I was invited to a new bar in Mansfield, Ohio called “The Whiskey Warehouse” by my dad and step-mom.  I always enjoy a night out with them, they are really my only drinking buddies and I truly enjoy the times we have when we go out.  With The Whiskey Warehouse being a new bar (only opened last week) they had a jam night to try and gain business.  Frank Medley was hosting the jam night.  I’ve heard Frank play a couple of times now and each time I walk away scratching my head as to how someone could possibly be that talented.  My dad and step-mom have gotten to know Frank pretty well over the past couple years and I strongly encourage you to keep reading this to find out how special of a guy that Frank is.

The first time I’ve ever heard of Frank is from my dad years ago.  He was telling me a story about how he was at a different bar in Mansfield, as he was sitting at the bar and heard a good band behind him.  So he turned around to see who was playing…

And there sat Frank.

He was sitting playing the drums with his right hand, in the other hand was his guitar! To top it all off he was doing the singing as well.

A literal one man band.

My dad legitimately thought there was an entire band up there playing before he turned around to see it with his own eyes. When my dad told me that story, I had to see it for myself.  I finally got that opportunity not that long ago at my step-brother graduation party where Frank was nice enough to bring his talent for our enjoyment.  It really is amazing.

Anyone in the Mansfield area I can’t recommend highly enough for you to track down Frank on one of his jam nights or to go and watch his band “The Get-A-Way Band”.  Frank is by far the most musically gifted person in this county.  That last sentence is the understatement of the century.  I want you to think of the best guitar player that comes to your mind, not just locally, but nationally.  The most famous gifted person you can think of.  I promise you, if you go and watch Frank Medley play the guitar, especially in the song “Glass of Wine” you will walk away thinking that Frank is right up there with the best of them. Because I do EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The only logical question going through your head at this point is “okay Adam, if that’s true then why is he only playing locally and not big time?” and that question is the same one I ask myself every time I watch him. So I asked my dad, and without going  to much into Frank’s life I will just let you know that this is where the true story of Frank starts.

Again even as a writer I can not put into words how talented Frank is, it really is something you have to see for yourself.  But as musically talented as he is,  Frank the person exceeds that of his extreme talent.

Frank had the option to join some well known bands and play guitar for them and travel all over and make lots of money doing so, but Frank being the guy that he is, turned down the opportunities because he did not want to leave his children behind.  He wanted to make sure he was there for his kids when they needed him.  Because to Frank his kids are worth more to him than money and fame.

That gives you an idea of how caring of a person Frank is, but there is more.  The entire drive home last night my dad was sharing stories about how Frank is the first one to help anybody no matter the situation.  He has groomed many of the local artists around here to be the musicians that they are. There is so much more than that.  Frank has had a chance to capitalize and profit from the good deeds he does for those around, but for those of you that know Frank, often his only requirement in return for his services is “a 12 pack of Mountain Dew” and no, I’m not kidding.  There are other bands that have asked to record in Franks studio (something they were willing to pay to do) Frank only required Mountain Dew.  Again, this doesn’t compare to what I’m about to tell you next.

Anyone that lives around Mansfield, Ohio knows that Heroin has completely taken over.  Every single day there are stories of multiple overdoses and drug raids.  The city truly has gone to shit (sorry for the language grandma).  Also anyone that knows me and my family, knows that it hits close to home with my step-brother passing away from an overdose a couple years back.  Frank is well aware of Mansfield’s situation and has written a song called “Struggles” that you can purchase on iTunes for only $0.99 cents.  It is a song about Heroin addiction, and a place down in Florida caught wind of this song and something truly amazing came out of it.

The place in Florida got a hold of Frank and they worked it out that they sent Frank 30 certificates guaranteeing beds in a rehab facility for those in need.  Each certificate is worth $32,000+. Lets do a little bit of math shall we? 30 certificates valued at over $32,000 EACH means that Frank Medley alone has raised over $960,000 for Richland County and our Heroin issue. NEARLY 1 MILLION DOLLARS from one man alone!!  He is truly making a difference people.  He is helping save lives because of his music.  On top of that, every time someone purchases “Struggles” from iTunes $0.20 cents goes to that rehab facility down in Florida.

They just sent the first patient down a couple days ago (hat’s off to Frank)

This is news worthy.  But stuff like this never makes the news.  They would rather talk about Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump making fools out of themselves and the rest of our country.  They would rather show all of the negative aspects of the world going on instead of praising people like Frank Medley who deserves it.  This world needs a million more Frank Medely’s.  Again if you ever have the chance to see Frank play it is something you should take full advantage of, he is a once in a lifetime talent.  If you ever do decide that you want to go listen and witness Frank play….

Please invite me to go with you.


One thought on “Richland County’s Secret Superstar

  1. Frank was involved many years ago in a benefit for my daughter…then 9 months old, now 23 years old! I can attest, Frank makes a difference in so many lives. He sometimes doesn’t even know the person, but he lives his life making a difference! I have had a chance to shake his hand for his kindness, but what a great man he is! Talented is an understatement! Frank, you made a huge difference many years ago to my family. You left your mark with me! I still think, why would someone who didn’t know me care so much about me and my family. I am forever greatfull…. Keep making a difference!


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