Influential: Music

Music. A lot of the time, we listen willingly to whatever comes on and sing along. We have favorites, and some people even write music.. use it at weddings, big events, teach it, etc. But do we really understand the true power it has? Think of the word “water”. When it stands alone, certain thoughts come to your mind. Maybe the ocean perhaps?
Or maybe your current thirst? However, when paired with other words, for example, “Love like water” what then do you envision? A love that is feeble, cold, un-structured? The idea behind this example is that the way artists piece words together in music, leads people to imagining different things when they listen. Literally, guiding our minds to think, and imagine.
Think of any pop song out right now.
The lyrics are full of lust, angst, and a wide variety of other ideas. When artists use certain words or phrases, and forget the almost magical power music has, the results can be detrimental. Without even knowing it, a young artist could be influencing millions of other people to subconsciously want sex, or want to party etc even though in their mind they are writing a “fun” song.
Music is so powerful, the images it brings to our head can subliminally influence us in ways that we may never know, or ways we don’t want. One of my favorites.. “I hate you, i love you, I hate that i want you…” Some teen is going to listen to the ideas presented in this song, and in their already confused, hormonal mind, might make future decisions based off of the subliminal influence of the song.
Now, I am a songwriter myself. I also study music as a hobby. Admittedly, there have been songs written, by me, that if I were to play in church, would receive some strange looks.. for good reason. The point of this article is not to detour artists from exploring their creativity, or to say that raunchy or curse-word-filled songs should be banned.. The point is to make you aware of the power it has, and prepare you for the depth of influence it can actually have in your life.
All this to say, pay more attention to what you listen to. Whether you think so or not, what you listen to shapes your character. Now that you are more aware of this reality, listen to songs with more caution.. Think to yourself “what could this song influence ME to do?”
I still listen to anything that comes on.. But I can also tell instantly when I feel like a song might influence me in a way I don’t want. Until next time, Chris Duda.

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