The pending Trump disaster

I’ve started and stopped…pondered and thought…typed and deleted this blog post at least thirty times, but since it’s the beginning of October and the time to elect a new president draws near, I have run out of reasons to NOT say what is on my mind. Some of you will be pissed and some will be offended beyond pissed but I have to say what I believe in my heart…

If you plan to vote for Donald Trump come November you are as big a moron as he is!!!

I had let this go until it was burning a hole in my brain…but alas…I must speak as I believe.

Ya see, I’m surrounded down here in `coal country’ by these Trump supporting idiots because if elected, he’s gonna open up all the coal mines and put everyone back to work. Never mind the EPA mandate to clean up our planet thirty years too late…never mind the fact that the coal market has tanked (China produces it much cheaper than we can)…never mind the fact that he has no idea how he would even revive the coal industry. He just said he would…and that’s good enough for the hillbillies ‘round here.

What is it with the Republican party? A multiple bankruptcy, multiple failed business, non tax paying, bigoted, womanizer, uninformed, uneducated, racist, loud mouth, creep like Donald J. Trump is the best that they can offer to run the country. I do believe if I were ever a member of that political party if would simply stick a twelve gauge in my mouth and take care of business.

In my lifetime…fifty years worth…that’s all that the Republicans have offered up…idiots and fanatics. Nixon…disgraced and quit. Reagan…a trillion dollar failed war on drugs. Bush one…who did absolutely nothing. Bush two…the bumbling child president who got us into a multi-trillion dollar war in the middle east and engineer of the largest recession in the history of our country.

And this guy…Trump…just another in a long line of shit heads that the Republicans have thrust upon us…the citizens of the United States of America. I swear…any time he opens his mouth on television I sincerely hope no one outside our country is watching because it’s so embarrassing that this moron would even be considered for the job of Commander in Chief.

And I’m NOT sorry that I say this should it offend you Trump supporters out there. You should be ashamed of yourselves for boosting such a cretin into the position he’s in.

What exactly is it that you people think this guy can accomplish?!? Other than embarrassing our country even more than his aforementioned Republican cohorts?? How is it you look past the multiple failures and think this guy is capable of running our nation?

This guy is the opposite of King Midas…everything he touches turns to shit!!!

For example, and in chronological order:

The New Jersey Generals…failed USFL team. Trump Airlines…never earned a profit, defaulted on his $380 million in loans. Trump the game…undersold and dropped by Milton Bradley. Failed to pay contractors for the Trump Taj Mahal to the tune of $60 million. First bankruptcy…the aforementioned Taj Mahal…$4 billion in debt. Second bankruptcy…$1 billion in personal debt. Third bankruptcy…Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts…$72 million. Fourth bankruptcy…The same company renamed Trump Entertainment Resorts. Two divorces and adultery…Ivana divorced him after his affair with Marla Maples. He married Marla and they divorced then he imported his current wife Melania. The Trump University Scam…Lawsuit brought against this bait-and-switch scam has more than 5000 plaintiffs.…a travel search engine which lasted only a year. Trump Mortgage…folded within a year. Trump Vodka…didn’t sell, folded. American Communications Network…a pyramid scheme which wound up liquidated in bankruptcy court. Trump Steaks…sold poorly and were discontinued. Trump Magazine…lasted two years before folding. Trump Network…another pyramid scheme which was sold off. Two hundred illegal immigrants hired to demolish the building where Trump Tower now stands. Five hundred visas for foreign workers for his Mar-a-Lago resort…passing over hundreds of American workers vying for those same jobs. More foreign labor…since 2000 Trump companies have tried to import 1,100 workers on temporary visas. Importing Chinese for a fee…Trump’s Bay Street project in New Jersey offers visas to investors who put up $500,000…mostly Chinese.

Yeah…this guy is qualified to run the country!!  

And I don’t even want to get into that fiasco last week that some called a debate…but I’m gonna do just that.

I watched in amazement as a thirteen year old junior high student, Trump, stood on the podium and (sic) debated, or more accurately, incoherently raved about anything but what plans he would put into action if elected.

He did however tell the American public that they’re suckers for paying taxes…because he doesn’t. He said that not paying taxes “makes him smart”…but if I, or you or your granny didn’t pay taxes it would make us a felon for tax evasion. He did tell the American public that he has been under IRS audit for the past fifteen years…listen up folks, I’m no Rhodes Scholar, but if you’re under IRS audit for one tax season, much less the last fifteen tax seasons…there must be a problem. Could it be not paying your taxes? He did tell the American public that he rooted for the housing market to fail…wouldn’t you say that was profiting off of many millions of people’s misery?

This is a person who has no moral center…and he’s the Republican candidate for President of the United States of America? This is a person who tells an outright lie ever three minutes and fifteen seconds.

What the hell is wrong with you people?!?

Like Earl Pitts says: “Wake up America”…get your heads out of your asses and recognize what kind of total idiot you may be voting for come November.



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