Purging the Stuff…

Today is a day like many other days, except for one thing…it’s garage sale day.  Heaven knows, I’ve held my fair share of garage sales.  I feel like my husband and I are constantly getting rid of things, items we no longer need, items that no longer have value or that have been replaced with others.  There are several items that have certain memories and connections while there are others that were likely gifts or things we no longer use.

I sit here looking at several of my old teaching items that I have for sale.  As I reflect, teaching was a huge part of my life for 10 or more years and will likely be a part of my life for many years to come, but the items I’m choosing to get rid of have no personal value, nor do I plan on using them.  Some may ask, “But, what if you decide to go back?” Chances are that right now I’m not going back to teaching for a while, and when or if I do go back, if they’re something I actually need, I’ll buy them again.  For now, I’m willing to part with those things because they are taken up space that I could use for other important things.

Other items have certain memories with them, but none have the attachment I have with the teaching items.  There’s a printer I’m getting rid of that I’ve had since I was in college over about 15 years ago, and there are shirts I received from some of the schools I taught at.  They’re all things that, while many of the memories attached to them are happy, I’m okay with parting with them because they are not needed any longer and have served their purpose.

Purging your life can take on many different aspects, getting rid of physical, materialistic items, releasing pent up anger, fear, stress, stepping away from addictions, and multiple other things.  The idea behind purging things is to get rid of the extra things that you don’t use or need; purging the negative aspects or the unnecessary aspects helps lead people to begin to heal.  It’s not an easy process to part with physical items or to release the mental or emotional aspects, and it takes time to adjust and be okay with letting go.  Right now, although we are purging multiple physical items, we are getting rid of multiple items because they take up space and clutter our lives.  When life is filled with meaningless things, materialistic or otherwise, we begin to see that our lives often feel less purposeful, focused, and valued.  My husband and I desire to live lives that are full, complete and happy.  That doesn’t mean we won’t hit rough patches, but living and dealing with only the essentials, the necessities helps keep our focus clearer.

Clearing out the “stuff” helps us open up for other opportunities that may arise…



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