Dreams Don’t Expire

Tell me if this sounds familiar…”Never settle for less than you deserve” or “Follow your dreams” and even “Don’t give up”.  We have all heard the elder respected members of our families say these things to us as we grow up. Weather it be from your Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma or Grandpa I’m willing to be that someone at some point or other has uttered one or more of those sayings to you.

When did that stop?

When did those sayings expire?

At what point are we now expected to just take what we can get, and make it work? Because, I for one, took those sayings to heart and still refuse to settle.  When I am unhappy with a situation in my life, weather it be a job, relationship or just an everyday situation I refuse to stay in that situation if it is bringing me no joy.  I refuse to settle for a job and work at a place just because “it’s a job”

The way I see it, we are supposed to get 8 hours of sleep every night, I would say that’s pretty accurate for me, sometimes more sometimes less.  There is only 24 hours in a day (like you didn’t already know that, you’re welcome) and we spend 8 of those sleeping, leaving only 16 hours.  At my current job we are scheduled for 9 hours with 1 hour being our unpaid lunch.  So BAM!! I’m down to 7 usable hours per day. Then, you factor in that I have a 25-30 minute drive to and from work that eliminates another hour of my day leaving me with only 6 hours in a day.  Next we factor in the time it takes for me to get ready for work, I would say on average 45 minutes to 1 hour, where I shower, shave, pack my lunch, and all that fun stuff. Now all the sudden I’m down to 5 hours left in my day.

In case you didn’t know this, I have my own website that you may, or may not have heard of, that I’m trying to get rolling. (it’s called The B.A. Observer you should tell your friends about it.)  Also I enjoy spending my time talking sports with my buddy Ty and my brother Aric on this really cool podcast, called The B.A. Sports Podcast (also tell your friends). (Did I just shamelessly plug my site and my podcast on my own site? People are rolling their eyes at you right now Adam what are you thinking) so these things take up a good portion of the time that I have left. I also live with my amazing girlfriend Rachel, who I have to try to find time for her as well, and make her feel special (you are special babe, love you) (okay that should be good enough for the day, now hopefully she will leave me alone)  Along with all of that my family is very important to me, so I try to visit with them when I have time, but as you can tell there just simply isn’t enough time in the day. *shakes fists angrily at clock*

The reason I just explained the extremely boring day of Adam Wisenbarger was to lead up to a point.  My point is this… I do not have enough time in a day, to really take care of the things that I feel are most important to me.  My job is just that to me, a job. It is nowhere near the top of my priorities like seemingly everyone thinks it should be.   I work at a home improvement retail store and it’s just not good enough for me.  When my parents and my grandparents told me as I was growing up to “chase my dreams”, they were not telling me to go help load 65 2 by 4’s into the bed of a pickup truck. In fact, they were telling  me just the opposite. They said “never settle for less than you deserve” but that is currently what I’m doing every day when I clock into work, I am settling for a paycheck.  I am trying to work on bettering myself and my situation every chance I get, but as I showed to you in the last paragraph I simply don’t have the time of day to make any significant progress. So all I can do is continue to chip away at it a little bit every day.

I look around at society and at some of the people who work at the same place that I do and they have been there for 10, 15, 20+ years and I can’t help but think, when did those sayings expire for them? When did they give up?  When did they settle for less than they deserved?  The people I’m talking about are good people that I enjoy interacting with on a daily basis (and quite honestly are the only reason I’m still working there) but I can’t help but feel sad for them knowing that they deserved better than a life in retail. (nothing against retail lifers, but I’m willing to bet when you were 8 years old that was not your dream job)  I also wonder, if they were like me at my age.Did this start out as just a job to them, did they also have aspirations that most people would laugh at, and goals that they simply didn’t have time to achieve?

Those are answers that I’m honestly not sure I want to know.  I don’t know if everybody is like me in that aspect, or if I am different from everyone else.  I really believe that through hard work and dedication I will eventually reach my goal because i still have those sayings echoing through my thick skull “don’t ever give up”.  You could look at me and my work history and think “well damn, you sure have gave up on a lot of different jobs” but from my perspective, I didn’t give up on them, I completed them. I went, did the job, found out its not for me, and moved onto something else that I felt is better for me to achieve what I’m trying to achieve.

I’m only 25 but at the same time, I’m already 25.  I am no where near where I hoped to be at this age, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up hope and settle for a life in retail.  I’m going to do what I always do, keep chipping away at it, one day, one hour, one minute at a time.  I will eliminate any obstacles, and situations that I feel are holding me back and keep moving on until I am where I want to be, not only for a career but also  as a son, brother, boyfriend and just as a person overall.  I believe I have what it takes to achieve my dream, and I will not give up until I do. What I really hope comes out of this, is that it will help you find your motivation and encourage you to keep on keepin’ on and chase your dreams.  WE ONLY GET TO LIVE THIS LIFE ONCE GUYS!, don’t settle for something less than what you deserve.  If your 8 year old self wanted to become a firefighter, policeman, or world famous musician, there is still time to work for what you want.  Please join me in chasing our dreams.


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