To Pull Over or Not…?

Today, I saw a funeral procession go by along the street in front of where I work.  As I sat and observed the traffic and the procession, I was amazed by the lack of people who either chose not to stop or didn’t know that it was commonplace in many places to stop out of respect for those who had passed, even for just a moment.  Multiple vehicles continued driving the speed limit.  Because my own parents have passed away, I suppose I’ve always been under the impression that as a funeral procession passes you slow your speed or pull over to a complete stop as a sign of respect for the individual who passed away.  We have seen people do it for celebrities, law enforcement, and even when huge tragedies occur.  But, why does it not happen regularly for the common, every day person?

While it’s not required to have people slow down or completely pull over, it is courteous and respectful to slow down at least a little bit with the hopes of possibly pulling over and completely stopping as the procession passes by.  Keep in mind, no matter how long the funerary procession, someone’s loved one passed away; those participating in the procession do notice those who take a moment to pause and respect the the happenings.  As a recommendation, try putting yourself in the procession and think of how you’d be affected if people didn’t take a moment to pause and respect the moment.

Ultimately, it’s your choice to stop out of respect, but as for me, I will likely always take that brief moment, regardless of the hurry that I am in, to remember those who have gone before me as a procession passes by me.


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