Eat well, be well.

Food. Cooking. Eating. Three words that bring various emotions forth which shouldn’t. They shouldn’t but they do. In my lifetime the food pyramid has changed, been debated and focused on more than it ever should be. This has resulted in many people thinking they don’t know how to eat. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure/cholesterol, and a myriad of other diet related diseases have caused many school of thought on the subject of proper eating and more diet fads than can be named. The problem with most of our diets and thoughts about food are a result of incorrect thought and sometimes absolute ignorance on the part of those giving information. Proper eating and learning to cook in a way that works for you does not have to be hard and it will benefit you greatly in the long run.

In my opinion, which is back by personal research, talking with dietitians, medical professionals and working in the food industry, the single most important action someone can take in regards to their overall health is eating well. Of course we all agree that eating chocolate everyday is unhealthy, but not as many realize that eating well is more than that. It can prevent illness and make your body stronger than most. This body of ours is a machine and we MUST treat it like one. A machine must be taken care of or it breaks. It needs fuel and maintenance. Our fuel is food. Our maintenance is exercise. The TYPE of fuel we give our bodies directly affect the state our body is in which is results in good health or poor health.

I am not writing this to proclaim a specific diet. There are many that work for many people. But generally the best route is to eat mainly vegetables some fruits and a little of everything else. Yeah, yeah. Vegetables suck. But they don’t! There are so many ways to utilize vegetables in cooking that will totally transform their taste, texture and your opinions about them. Which is why we should all learn to cook. Not only is it a necessity in order to eat properly but it is a life skill that is very under-taught.

Learning to cook does not have to be hard. Culinary Science is a science but everything is. Its cooking. Simple. There are, of course, advanced fields of cooking and I encourage you to pursue them. But what we are talking about here is simple meals that you can eat every day. The basics of cooking. How to peel and break down vegetables and fruits. How to properly season food. The safe temperature guides for poultry, pork and beef. How to use a chef knife. This last one is by far the most important. Using a knife correctly makes it virtually impossible to cut yourself but the average home cook and most pros do it wrong.

By learning the proper intake of food, what kind and how much, and by learning some basic cooking skills you will totally change your eating habits and your health. So, I encourage all of you to make dinner for yourselves or loved ones. And if you are already a proficient cook, try something outside your usual routine meals. Try something challenging. But most importantly, have fun!


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