Read This Or You Hate Jesus (Opinion)

If You Don’t Read This You Hate Jesus.

Now obviously the above statement is nonsense. But, it works. Facebook posts ask you to share this if you love God, share/like this to receive money in the next 24 hours, news anchors say things like, “Is your husband cheating on you? Find out..tonight at 11.” – Its insanity. The only marketing strategy that people understand is that if you are the one who holds the “supposed” information about the scary thing then you are the answer. We wait to watch news because of a scary headline. We share nonsense Facebook pages because God will hate us if we don’t. I mean, come on, obviously not liking your friends angel picture will piss off God right?

We are completely and totally capable of making smart choices but instead we end up in situations like, uhmm I don’t know, maybe, HILLARY CLINTON AND DONALD TRUMP AS THE TWO MAIN PRESIDENTAL CANDIDATES! Come on America! Really??? This is the best we can do? Of course not. The fact that Donald Trump is anything more than a laughing stock is very frightening. The guy literally lies two times per sentence and yet people voted for him. Why? Because he claims to know the answer. He is certain it is immigrants and Muslims. He is wrong, but that is irrelevant. He gave the people a target and because HE gave it to them he supporters look to him for answers.

Hillary Clinton is the same situation. Her supporters, God help them, are devout. They support her and her ideals as if she is the best thing America could ever be lucky enough to hope for. They fail to see her unfavorable rating are the lowest in US HISTORY and that she has flip-flopped on policy numerous times. She has claimed outright lies about herself and others (sniper fire,first to support health care reform, etc.) and yet they follow her. Why? She is famous and her supporters have backed her for so long that they would be lost if they abandoned her. It is apart of their identity, so much so in fact her slogan for this primary season is “I’m With Her”. WHAT?! Really America??? The candidate’s slogan is putting you backseat to her and you don’t even realize it. How about She’s With Us?? To be fair I think that was a Twitter hash-tag a few times for Hillary but the fact remains, her campaigns slogan is, “I’m With Her.

Now to my point. Of course we all want the same things generally speaking and bashing Hillary supporters or Trump supporters really does no good. We all want to be happy. We all want to have money to take care of our families and we all want to live up to what our great Nation is supposed to be about. It however is impossible to do that if we vote read, write, talk and live OUT OF FEAR!

We must use reason and facts to come to conclusions and in the end we will reach very different answers. Answers that benefit us all in the present and future. And if all of us would have treated this election cycle with the depth and intensity that some people treat celebrities and sports teams Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be no where near the White House. Because under scrutiny they are both disasters.

If only there were a candidate that wasn’t a disaster and had a great reputation…*cough BERNIE SANDERS cough*


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