LeBron’s Legacy

I think it’s safe to say the LeBron James might the most heralded athlete of the 21st century. From gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated at the tender age 16 to earning a 90 million dollar shoe contract, I’d say expectations for the Akron native have monumental and almost unrealistic. Interesting enough, he’s lived up to those expectations.

I know what you’re thinking. A losing finals record, including that debacle in the 2011 finals against Dallas. Here’s the thing though, what LeBron detractors fail to realize that is that HE’S GOTTEN TO 6 STRAIGHT NBA FINALS (albeit him doing it in a weaker eastern conference). No athlete has ever had to face the hype LeBron face entering the NBA and no athlete has ever be as scrutinized as LeBron. I mean, the guy tweets that he’s watching an Amy Schumer stand-up during a Warriors game and all of a sudden that means he’s taking shots at Stephen Curry and the entire bay area.

We live in a society that doesn’t appreciate greatness until it’s over and critiques greatness at the peak of greatness. All I’m saying is let’s appreciate one of the 5 best players in the league (and no that isn’t a misprint). So let’s look at LeBron as the man who revolutionized the small forward position. Let’s appreciate an iconic player while he’s still playing, not after he hangs up his sneakers.


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