Brock Turner and Sentencing in America

Recently, Brock Turner was convicted of rape, and he received probation which included a six month jail sentence- which allowed him to serve three months due to 4019s credits. This caused a lot of people to rise up in arms, and scream “tough on crime” from their dried out tongues and crowed filled tongues without considering anything other than outrage. Although I understand because California sentencing is incredibly complicated and one of the more common reasons for appeals.

Yet, regardless of the complicated sentencing guidelines which California provides, and the rage against mandatory minimums…. my fellow liberals want to flay the judge and defendant. Why?  is that? It’s because no crime is worse than a crime against a woman, or minority. And that speaks against what liberals have fought for, for years. We want everyone to be viewed equal, and want judicial independence, we fought against the recall election in 1985 when Republicans were upset over our anti-death sentence judiciary. Yet, now, we’re no better than them. We are screaming and crying for a judge to be recalled because he exercised his discretion. It’s bullshit and we can do better.

We fail to realize that the honorable Judge did what was within his discretion. We fail to realize that instead of being angry about a white man exercising privilege, we don’t get angry that minorities don’t have the same privilege. We shouldn’t beat a man with a ten pound club so that he feels the same pain as a societal weaker man feel with a five pound club.

No, the true liberal principle is recognizing the Constitution protects us all, even rapists.  It’s recognizing, and respecting probation report — even when you don’t agree with it. It’s also respecting the California rules of evidence, which noone seems to be to doing. If anyone that is upset about Brock’s sentence wants to contest evidence, then feel free to do so.  We have stood by since Reagan allowed for young men to go to prison, and languish away, yet noone felt compelled to speak out until a swimmer gets probation (which includes jail time)? If that’s true, and you just jumped on this train, then please jump off at the next stop. Everyone deserves mercy, including those that acted despicably.

Suddenly it takes a white person to rape another white person, and then the defendant got a “light” sentence for it to grab people’s attention. The fact is, probation (rightfully or wrongfully) made a recommendation and the judge followed it. I hate to break it to my fellow liberals but it happens a lot. Yet, you blindly argue against mass incarceration. You argue that we must find ways to reintegrate and rehabilitate. Yet, that only counts for crimes within your neo-progressive agenda, and you’re wrong. Everyone deserves the same mercy. Further, you only paid attention to Brock Turner’s Victim because she was articulate. (  I saw his name and not hers because it’s a matter of public record and I don’t know hers).

Lastly, Brock Turner’s punishment wasn’t light. If it were, I ask someone to volunteer for three months in jail, and then a lifetime PC290 registrant, and a felon. We, liberals, act like it’s so hard to be a felon, but so easy to be a sex offender. The idea turns itself on it’s head. And it leads to recidivism.

This wouldn’t be a big issue if victim right’s groups believed in the Constitution. Instead, they only believe in emotion, and the hurt they feel. And why they’re justifiably hurt, they lead to wrongful convictions. And those Wrongful Convictions are on their hands. Yes, that’s possessive. Every day an emotional wrongful conviction leads an innocent man/women to jail, it’s on the police, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and you- the victim who insisted making a statement at sentencing- because you allowed for emotion to infect the process of justice in the name of vengeance, without realizing your emotions and vengeance clouted the process..

To the victim, you’re statement has no place in the court room, you infect the process, and you infect the Constitution. You’re voice is valid, however, it shouldn’t be valid in the court room. Now, you’ve led us to the verge on recall of a fair judge, a judge who gives first time offenders a second chance- regardless of the offense- and you are demanding he be recalled. Had you not been white, and articulate, you wouldn’t have been heard. That’s something noone is talking about. Everyone talks about Brock’s white privilege, but noone talks about yours, and it’s hard to say, but it’s also bigoted. It means your voice is worth more than Teynesha’s, and it’s not. I’m sorry, it’s not. Rape is rape and because you can articulate doesn’t mean the rapist deserves a harsher sentence, nor does it mean he deserves a lighter one. But when your statement is allowed to impact sentencing, it’s exactly what we do.  We discount the judge, who hears evidence, for a victims ability to articulate their impact, on a sentence, instead of judicial and legislative guidelines.





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