Why I Don’t Believe Amber Heard

In recent weeks, actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard announced their separation and divorce after only 15 months of marriage and a total of 4 years together as a couple. What started out as a simple divorce case quickly spiraled out of control when Amber accused Johnny of domestic violence.

Though their relationship was plagued with rumors of hot tempers and loud arguments, the phrase “domestic violence” was not tossed out until five days after Heard had filed for divorce and showed up at the courthouse for the first divorce hearing. Almost immediately the Court of Public Opinion labeled Depp as an abuser after seeing a bruise on Heard’s face.

But here’s the issue: I don’t believe her at all.

Now here’s the part where I put my disclaimer. I am a fan of Depp, but if he is found to be guilty he SHOULD be punished adequately. It is never acceptable to strike anyone regardless of the situation. Being a celebrity does not exempt him from the law nor should it protect him from punishment attached to breaking those laws.

That being said, it is my opinion that Amber is lying. And here’s why I think that: the story just doesn’t add up and the context of things is far too suspicious.

Court documents and communications between legal counsel for both parties have  revealed that Amber requested $50,000 a month in spousal support, retaining ownership of an SUV, continuing to live at the couple’s Los Angeles penthouse, as well as custody/possession of their two dogs Pistol and Boo. These documents also reveal that Heard asked for these things BEFORE alleging any domestic violence. Johnny’s legal team petitioned the court to have Heard’s requests denied on the grounds that the marriage was so short. It is quite convenient that Amber suddenly decides to bring up domestic violence, then isn’t it?

It has long been known that celebrities leak information to news outlets and Amber is no exception. Once news broke of the divorce filing on Monday May 23, three days after Depp’s mother passed away, Amber was almost immediately labeled as a horrible person and ridiculed beyond measure. Heard cited irreconcilable differences as her reason for seeking a divorce, NOT domestic violence or abuse. In the state of California, Heard could have cited multiple other things as her reasoning.

Heard has stated that she loves Depp and wanted to protect him and his career by not coming forward sooner or pressung charges against him. But here’s the thing: the hard part is over; when she walked into that court room that Friday with a bruise on her face and asked for a TRO, that logic went out the window. For most abuse victims, admitting a crime has taken place and seeking help is the hardest part of the recovery process. But now that she continues to air their dirty laundry she can no longer claim she is trying to protect him.

As the days have worn on, more and more information has come to light and Amber seems to be losing track of her story. Things don’t add up and the Police have even countered her claims by saying there was no indication of domestic violence when they responded to a call to the couple’s penthouse the night of the fight. Meanwhile, Depp has continued with his normal life, promoting his newest film and touring with his band. He has not responded to any of her claims and I doubt he plans to. It is blatantly obvious that Heard has seen how people are responding to her claims and is realizing it will take a lot more than a few accusations to tear the megastar that is Johnny Depp from the sky.

A court date is set for June 17th, 2016 and Depp is due to appear. We will have to see how the judge responds, though I suspect he will see right through Amber’s plan once Depp gives his response. Heard has already gotten a great deal of negative press from domestic abuse survivors who claim that her allegations are false and her behavior does not match that of a true victim. Unfortunately, Amber seems to be relying on the Court of Public Opinion more than the Court of Law as it appears that even if the judge sides with Johnny, he will always carry around the label of “abuser” for the rest of his life in some people’s minds.






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