Are People Really This Stupid?

I am uncomfortable using words like “stupid” when referring to other people, but sometimes there is simply not a better choice of words.  I submit the following:

-At a well known retail outlet I saw a sign on the restroom door that said:

“Restroom Closed Do To Cleaning”

-A friend told me about a sign posted in an employee break area that said:

“You must wear your company uniform at all times while working.  You may dress at home and wear the uniform to work.  If you dress at work you may not combine your casual clothing with the company uniform.  Do NOT mix the two.  And it is your responsibility to keep your uniform clean.”

It’s bad enough when any adult doesn’t know the difference between “do” and “due”,  Or when they can’t cope with the meanings of  “to”, “two”, and “too”, but it’s even worse when the offender is a teacher.  Consider the following:

On a radio talk show dealing with the lack of respect that students show their teachers, one teacher phoned in to express her view. She had a male student that had threatened her, and she expressed it like this:

“He threatened to shoot myself.”

Another teacher was being interviewed by detectives on the television show Forensic Files.  She was suspected of having an affair with another teacher that had been murdered.  She denied the affair, and stated:

“They might have saw us together.”

Of course, there is never any excuse to threaten a teacher with violence, but it’s hard to imagine how a student could have much respect for a teacher that can’t speak properly.  I only hope they don’t teach English.

-On another episode of Forensic Files a suspect declared:

“I didn’t did it!”

-I personally saw this on a dating website:

“I am kind of shy, but wants I get to know you I open up.”

How many times a day do your hear someone say “I seen this or that”?  How often have you seen someone write something like “They sold there house”?  It’s common to see a For Sale sign that says “For Sell”.

I am writing this off the cuff, and I have no doubt that if I took a few minutes I could come up with a dozen more examples of uh, well…stupidity.  But you get my point.  The sad fact is that this is not college level stuff.  Any 4th grader should know better.  And two of the examples above are credited to teachers who must have a college degree.

And then just yesterday I received a letter from a business attempting to sell me their product.  It ended with:

“Respectively yours,”

It never ends.







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