Animal Ambulance

A few days ago I was fishing, as I often am, when I noticed a Canadian goose walking awkwardly. Its leg must have been injured somehow, though I doubt it was from being hit by a car. Either way, it was inured. It was able to limp and seemed to be getting around ok, but I felt I should do something. I Googled for animal hospitals and made some calls and there is, actually, a wildlife hospital in Central Ohio. And here the problems began. The hospital is easily search-able with a phone number. But upon calling the number you soon realize that no one answers. You have to leave a message. BUT before even you have the chance to leave a message you have to listen to per-recorded messages about how to donate money , etc. I was trying to get help to the goose and after seeing just that option I called other places. Department of Wildlife. Department of National Resources. Various Veterinarians. You get the picture. Nothing. No help. Eventually the wildlife hospital called me back and said they would help the goose but I need to take it there. I let them know that I cam not equipped to control a fully grown goose that is 90 percent healthy and isn’t going to just “let me take him”. They said that there is a service that picks up animals but it is a fee of $150. That was the option for this goose. In today’s world where people are more Pro-Animal than ever why is this still the case? Why, when trying to help an animal by calling the ONLY wildlife hospital around, do I have to listen to how to GIVE THEM MONEY AND HELP THE CAUSE BEFORE I CAN HELP THE ANIMAL?!?!?!?!

Utter nonsense. Absolutely ridiculous. So, I am thinking of taking matters into my own hands. It would have to be with very generous help and contributors and perhaps even the staff would be volunteers. But, I have given thought to starting a “Animal Ambulance”. We could provide basic first aid to animals but the main goal would be to get animals to veterinarians. Oh, and it wouldn’t cost a good Samaritan ANYTHING. This would be totally non-profit and I think would help a lot of animals, wild and otherwise.

I am seriously considering this because it is a need that I am not seeing filled.

I will keep you all updated but I am researching more into this.


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