Gorilla ≥ People

A gorilla was killed this week for no reason at all. And this isn’t a debate. On this issue I don’t care about any of your feedback or opinions. This is my time to talk.

Say what you will about fearing for the child’s safety or about the gorillas size and he could, as the zoo said, “inadvertently harm the child due to his large size”. It has nothing to do with the parents or the child leaving them. This has to do with one thing and that is HUMANS refusal to progress through time with the notion that no life is superior.

Everyone can agree that things shouldn’t be killed but they have limits. We shouldn’t kill dogs but we can imprison chickens and pigs and slaughter them because “we have to eat”. No one thinks murder should happen but if they are brown skinned and scary then well “we’re at war and casualties happen”.

We all agree on vague topics but the details are what is important.


but… he didn’t. And by all indications showed every inclination to protect the child. So many cases have been documented and VIDEOTAPED of apes acting maternal/paternal to human children. And for a zoo, FULL OF EXPERTS, to assume that and not recognize that behavior is appalling.

Could the child have been harmed? Yes. But that happens every day. And if we killed everything that has the potential to harm us we would be savages.

This is not me going on a self righteous speech saying I would never harm anything. All I am saying is that we have got to move on from this state of fear and this idea that humans are the only ones who feel pain suffering, etc.

Do you honestly think the other gorillas will not feel this loss? When Koko the gorilla’s kitten passed away she was physically distraught and said so in sign language.

We have to move on from the ideas that it is OK to do this because we are people and animals are animals. We have to come to the understanding that sometimes maybe the animal needs more rights than we do, because for now, they cant speak for themselves. And someone definitely needs to.


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