All the same



am not a label


cannot stable

my thoughts

for you


I know you want to peg me

say that we can be

the same

and rearrange

the me

to make it sane


I will not falter

I will not filter


through your sifter

to become


just to believe

all your oh, just so solid,

or so you think



I choose

not to choose

not to look

like you do

not to look

like what I

like to do


I choose

not to use

not to try

and abuse

not to lie

and confuse

what is fake

what is true


I am not you


My taste, it’s acquired

a linger

of expression

most, undesired,

My  feelings, a strange


of delay




So if you can’t

accept the way

I display

who I am,

or who I’m not

should I say,

then walk down the path

of least resistance,

and I will walk mine

without hesitation


But I sometimes wish

that we

were more like fish,

that we

could swim apart

and the group

would still drift,

that we

could catch up

after being

long apart

and belong

without same,

and belong

without name,

to belong

or insane,

to belong


Just a game


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