Please, just research this.

I grew up in a family of hunters. One of my earliest memories is deer hunting with my grandfather. From a very early age I was in nature and was taught that we hunt animals to eat them. Obviously, this isn’t primitive times and most people do not, solely, rely on hunting as a necessity. But in many families hunting is a part of life. My family taught me that we should appreciate the animals we hunt and the sacrifice they make so we can eat. I was taught never to take a shot unless I was sure I would kill the animal humanely. Many anti-hunting groups try and label hunters as ruthless, sociopathic murderers but in my experience hunters generally care about animals and are as humane as possible and are generally warm, loving, family-oriented people. The older I got I stopped wanting to hunt. I, personally, couldn’t kill an animal anymore. To me it would be like killing a pet. I see no difference besides one has an “owner”. So, I stopped hunting. But accepted that people do and that it was a part of life. But then I thought, “why?”.

Why in 2016 do we still kill animals? For food? Why?

There are, innumerable, studies linking meat eating with every major disease and type of cancer. There is a scientific consensus that humans are not designed to eat meat, including our digestive system.( and please if your argument is our “canine teeth” please just stop) There is a very, real notion that at some point our ancestors ate meat.. And didn’t stop but we aren’t intended to eat it.

There are dozens of ways to eat PLANTS to get every nutrient, protein, yada yada yada that we need! And nothing has to die.

We kill animals because its what we know. “We need animal protein!” We are told this. But do we? No. We have been fed a lie that has and is resulted in millions of conscious, intelligent animals being horrifically caged and killed in a factory farming monstrosity that is unchecked by virtually everyone. I have decided to stop eating meat and am working hard on formulating a replacing diet.

Eating eggs, hunting in primitive cultures, etc. is not what I am against. I am agaisnt the way farming for “protein” is handled in civilized society. We need to treat animals for what they are: LIFE! And all life is precious.

I am not preaching “veganism” I am simply asking you to research this topic and to make an informed decision.

Ill end with this example:

Pigs are just as smart as dogs. Imagine your dog, from birth, kept in a cage with no room to turn around, fed horrible food, loaded with drugs and antibiotics, unhelped with medical care (even broken bones), kicked through barns to be loaded into trucks and then killed (usually cruely and slowly) to be eaten by someone that thinks this meat came from an animal that had a happy life.


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