What College Has Taught Me So Far…

There is something spectacular about this place. College as a whole only comes down to this, “Never Stop Learning,” the most dangerous spell you can tell a human. If you do this then that knowledge will propel through different stages of life’s journey. What’s most important is up to you.

Life isn’t handed to us. It is absorbed though the skin and bones and into the mind where experiences become lifelong foundations of value. What I expect next from myself is to utilize this message until there is nothing left. No space. No reason. Nothing.

We owe our species that. To learn and to never return to the days of mortality. With knowledge we can live we do live immortality. Through our craft and community. That’s what “they” really want from us. The people, the government, your boss, your parents,  your teachers all want you to be the one: a savior, leader, inventor you name it. People want to survive, and we all need each other for that. The question is now what will you do? Anyone of us can change our world, it only takes one spark.

-Harri, April 18


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