Whiskey Bent and Hellbound

I don’t write as often as I should. Honestly, I should write more. I should write more than anyone contributing to this blog, theoretically. However, that’s another blog to be explain myself (it goes to legal and professional ethics and obligations).

I must confess, I’m lucky. I am. Most people reading this blog- or whatever one wishes to call to it, are from our home town, or area. That being said, I am more fortunate than most from our home town. See, I got arrested, and arrested, and arrested…. I got arrested and caught breaks. My lawyers fought for me because, for whatever reason, they thought I’m worth something. They were right, I am worth something. But with that worth comes responsibility, and an obligation. When I graduate in December of 2016 my brain will be worth a supposed $300,000.

However, it won’t be solely because of my education. My home town has something to do with that, and I should give back, in fact, I owe it. See, I don’t want to make a lot of money, or be an ambulance chaser. I want to help my hometown. I want others to see how the Constitution works in their lives.  I understand there are good wholesome people in my home town, and they deserved to be honored, and praised.

However, as I get older the one small town folk lore that stick s out in my mind is the one where the lawyer sticks his neck out and is ostracized by the community for the simple fact he’s advocating for the defendant. Yet, that man went to church, and work. He was a g*d fearing man, and people despised him for showing mercy. This is why small town lawyers are needed, even for those that are whiskey bent and hell bound.

Regardless, everyone is better than the worst thing they’ve ever done, I certainly am, or else I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be sworn into the bar by the Judge who sentenced me to jail.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, I supposed I’m just ranting. It’s finals week afterall, and G*d willing I”ll have my juris doctor in a few short months. Something that noone in my hometown has done in quite a while. But, I want to give back to my community. I’ve heard the reasons not to go back, but there’s no shame in a 9-5, and blue collar work, with a cheap beer shared over a pick up truck bed. I’ve never thought of myself as better, however, I have felt the same deep obligation those who work those neck breaking jobs. I’m with you.

Together, we owe it to our children, to show how we can live together, you and I, college and trade school educated. Together we’re going to make a better world, and together we’ll make a difference- even if at 17 we were whiskey bent and hell bound.






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