Noah’s Ark Just Doesn’t Float

Christians have believed for centuries that God flooded the world in order to wipe out all life on Earth, with the only exception being Noah and his family.  And, in fact, there is solid scientific evidence that there was indeed a world wide flood around 12,800 years ago.  However, the evidence is clear that the flood was caused not by 40 days of rain, but by a comet slamming into the polar icecap and instantly melting over 60,000 square miles of glacial ice.  The result was a rapid increase in ocean levels that flooded coastal areas where the majority of the world population lived.  This would explain the fact the every culture in the world, no matter where located, has a flood story passed down through the ages.

Thus, the biblical story of Noah and the ark makes no sense.  There is no geological evidence of any world wide flood other than the one mentioned above.  And the population of Earth is estimated to have been between 1 and 10 million at that time.  It strains credulity to think that Noah and his family were the only ones worth saving.  What kind of sins could the natives of North America have committed that made them worthy of destruction?  And what about the people living in Europe, South America, Asia, Siberia, and Australia.? There is every reason to believe that the first people to populate the Americas crossed over the Beiring land bridge as much as 18,000 years ago, so there certainly were people in America during the flood.  And it’s impossible to even conceive of all those animals being sinners.

Are we really to believe that Noah builta 2 story boat as big as 2 football fields?  He would have had to cut down an entire forest just to get the wood.  That would have been difficult since there were no forests in the area where Noah is thought to have lived.  Even if there were, he would have had to cut down the trees, trim all the branches, and shape the wood into usable planks.  All with no power tools.  Then he would have to build the ark with no nails, or any crane to lift the logs into place.

But let’s assume for a moment that Noah did build the ark.  Most people seem to think that Noah was to put 2 of every animal alive on that boat.  What it actually says is that there was to be 2 of every ‘unclean’ animal, and 7 of every ‘clean’ animal.  In fact, it also says ‘each of its kind’, which means there may have been 7 clean females and 7 clean males, or 14 total.  For the sake of argument, however, let’s just say there were only 2 of each animal.

That leaves us to believe that 2 kangaroos from Australia swam across the Indian Ocean, then walked to the eastern Mediterranean to get on the boat.  The polar bears from above the arctic circle had to traverse the Arctic Ocean, then the Atlantic, then the length of the Mediterranean to get on the boat.  The penguins in the antarctic had to make a similar journey.  Lions, tigers, elephants, and more had to make the trip from Asia.  And, of course, a couple of humans had to swim the Atlantic and Mediterranean to get there.  Ooops, wait!  No humans were allowed except Noah and his family.

So now we must accept that some of Noah’s relatives rushed thousands of miles to the northeast and crossed the land bridge to repopulate the Americas.

We are supposed to believe that every species alive today is here because at least 2 of them, and maybe as many as 14 were on the ark.  The fact is, there are so many animal species on this planet that you couldn’t get them all into Yankee Stadium.

I am quite aware of the claim that with God all things are possible.  I am also aware the faith is the ingredient necessary to believe something when it makes no sense at all, and there is no logical reason to believe it.

Thus, that boat don’t float.





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