How Technology Ruined Love

No one can deny that advancements in science and technology have changed the world as we know it. Cures for diseases and illness are being researched and developed every day for sustaining human and animal existence. Millions of dollars are spent on said research, and without a doubt, the success rate is marginal. But the struggle continues on, and the fight for achievement will be a painstaking process. Technology is changing and advancing at startling levels. IBM, Apple, Microsoft, just to name a few, put us on a path to a simpler and accessible lifestyle. Now millions of apps exist. Measuring how well or not well you sleep. You want to hear a song you haven’t heard since high school? Click, swipe… all of a sudden you just graced the waters of the fountain of youth with your ever-aging big toe. You want to commit an act of faithlessness in a relationship? There’s an app for that. Plenty of them. Too many in fact.

Temptation has been around since the alleged days of Adam and Eve. Infidelity arrived not soon after that, I’m sure. Art imitates life, they say. Movies are the prime example of romance and love, gained through the act of meeting and courtship. Then marriage and a family, and happily-ever-after. Life is a fairytale right? No, it was a fairytale. Now everyone can engage in infidelity by only lifting and gently moving a finger. These apps I speak of, have been conceived, intentional and accidental, to deconstruct the values in something of greater substance. An experience not created by Hollywood or Woody Allen, but has been around long before motion pictures and Debbie Gibson tunes. It’s simply called, Romantic Love.

The Guilty Parties: Tinder. Ashley Madison. Yik-Yak. The Accidentally Innocent/Not So Innocent: MySpace. Facebook. Instagram. Whisper. And there are more arguments and apps for both sides, but relationships and marriages have been tossed into a ditch. And for what? So evil people can profit off of orgasmic misery. Developers put these apps on the market. Evil. You embellish in “anonymous temptation”. That makes you inherently evil as well. Sure, mistakes are made by a lot of people every day. But it’s will-power, hard work, and the yearning for the greater good that makes you stop before mistakes are made. Before you’re sitting in a hipster coffee house, alone. Before you’re shocked and stunned in divorce court. When you’re having to let your child or children go every other weekend. Or the flip side, you’re having to return the kids to someone that could’ve not downloaded that app, ignored that email or text, and just defended the relationship that they’re 50% of. Moral of the story folks… Love really does make the world go ‘round. Life doesn’t have to be this hard, if you’re pulling your weight and working at it. Not a difficult concept really.


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