A Streamlined Steadfast


Watching the streamlined view of your vastness, I realize how small I am;

how could I ever expect to reach the depth of perception  I wish to achieve?

Lately I scatter through thoughts and fragments… well most of the time,

and I only seem to find obscurity; never consistency or convenience,

only manic that never stills


That’s why I come to you; for your stillness and calmness of color; to ease my mind,

put the resistance to rest and only listen to the sounds that echo and vibrate my soul

unconsciously, It’s the only uniformity that is locked in and undistracted;

at least for a moment


I want a forever reflection of you in my mind, to be reminded of your absolution;

so when the turbulence of my introspections begin to drown me in delirium

I can find clarity, and the waves will pacify; clear a path to resolution


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