We, The People….

Are tired!  We’re tired of all the nonsense.  The nonsensical rantings and ravings of potential leaders, who suddenly only seem to care about the people when it’s election time.  This isn’t just a problem with presidential nominees, these issues start at a local level.  Heck, it may even start as far back as student council!  Are our future leaders really being groomed incorrectly from the very beginning?

I contend they are!  The people’s votes count very little in the determination of our next president.  If our voices differ from the electoral college, you can be sure the electoral college has the final say.  So, how is that any different from student council?  The president was often not the student’s choice, but rather the choice of whom the teachers thought were better options.  That’s right, the teachers’ favorites won!

Prominent families provide funding to schools for a great many things.  Of course they want their children to follow in their footsteps.  What are those parents teaching their kids?  If you want to get where you want to go, you have to be willing to grease the wheels.  We don’t just see this happening in politics…No!  No!  No!  We see this happening in competitive events everywhere.  Favors come in all forms..money, sex, gifts, etc.  It has to stop!

If you think I’m lying, check out the local news.  We’ve seen these culprits caught red handed and we’ve seen them charged.  We know, for a fact, that these shenanigans happen.  We also know there are bound to be those folks that have gotten away with it, either currently or in the past.  Until this type of behavior stops, our country is doomed to suffer.



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