Rigged Election 

Okay! First off, I want to say bare with me here. I am typing this blog out on my phone because I don’t have a laptop near me. 
I am very involved into politics (as some may know or see on my FB page). Actually, I absolutely love politics. To be educated and understand real life issues that our country faces is something that a lot of people dont get to involved in. To know what’s going on in the presidential race from candidates, to which party they are with, to knowing all the issues each candidate agrees or disagrees on. It’s an amazing learning experience from picking each issue you agree on and fitting the puzzle pieces where you best match with whomever that candidate may be.

This presidential race is not like any I have ever seen. Which yes, I am only 21, but have been educating myself into politics for awhile. We see that one candidate from each political party is the “parties establishment” choice. Then there are the two other candidates who are outsiders. As you can see from whichever party, people are sick of the political game that they play. People are angry that each election year they put in a person they truly thought and believed in, only to be disappointed yet again. Don’t get me wrong, each president has had their good and bad, but people are tired. They are tired of the establishment choosing their choice of a puppet. They are tired of candidates getting funded from companies only to have them do as they say because they helped fund them. Meaning whatever they said to get your vote, may change once elected because they have to listen to the lobbyist controlling them.

We the people are sick and tired of NOT being WE the people. The government is supposed to work for US, not us work for them! It’s supposed to be OUR choice, but really with the Democratic Party and their super delegates. Along with the Republican Party trying to destroy their frontrunner by going to a broker convention. It’s not our choice. It’s rigged for the establishments to pick whoever THEY want. I was NEVER the type to be the one to say, “there’s no point in voting, my vote doesn’t count anyways.” Sadly, with this election, I am kind of seeing why some people do say that. 

If Hillary Clinton wins because of the super delegates, or because she is the most “experienced” (which is a whole other topic, she’s experienced, into covering up her lies and scandals for many years). Or Cruz, Kasich, or hell, even Rubio (whose not even in the race anymore, but who knows what the RNC will do) win, because the establishment doesn’t like Trump when he should have won. That’s when we know for sure, that these parties don’t listen to us. As we can see right now, so far it’s looking like a few of those options may happen above. I hope people realize this and take a stand to whichever party because they both are trying to rig who they want, not who the people want. We the people are the one who decides, not the high end, lying, deceiving politicians. 
This is just what I personally am seeing and thinking will happen. If you don’t believe it is rigged because one of your candidates is listed, or for whatever reason, that’s fine :). 


2 thoughts on “Rigged Election 

  1. Just wait another 20 years to see how you truly feel. I think you’re getting ready to see a shift like no other, in the coming years. People are tired of the nonsense…it’s about time. Unfortunately, the people have waited too long to make a stand. At least, a stand that can have an immediate impact. 2 parties who don’t play well together, means a nation divided. A nation divided means a people undefended and unprotected. The government has fallen in love with the almighty dollar, as long as they and their wealthy contributors have a say in the matter…the lower classes will be left to fend for ourselves. Forced to swallow their scraps and morsels.

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    • You’re absolutely correct, people are tired of the nonsense. The question is will the divided parties become so tired of it, that they will finally come together to create that stand? I wish. It’s exactly what the government wants. Divided parties in this nation means no one can and/or will stand against them.


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