Nature vs Man


There is a pond behind my apartment building. Last week two beautiful white swans showed up and have been there every day. My girlfriend asked me, “Do you think they will stay? Will they live here?” The answer is “no”. They will not stay because the apartment community has landscapers and one of their jobs is to mow around that pond. There is no shrubbery. No weeds. No brush. Just clean, mowed grass.

In the modern world we too often forget that WE live IN nature. It is not a nuisance. To the modern person, the modern business, grass must be short, trees must be trimmed, mulch must be laid- because its “pretty”. Its not natural. Trees, plants, shrubbery, ponds, streams- these things provide homes and protection for animals and even plants. To redesign nature to a new standard of being is not only destructive but incredibly ignorant.

To re-shape the landscape to be “beautiful” can only have been thought up by a person not actually seeing nature in its true, pure state. An empty pond with professionally landscaped edges is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing but watching swans nest and have chicks and the family of them swim around along with a myriad of other wildlife is somehow not attrative.

The idea of being “green” and eco-friendly needs to be more than just using re-usable grocery bags or recycling or making a new sustainable energy source. We need to realize the true plague of this planet is the unchecked manipulation of ecosystems, not just in the Amazon, but all around us.

So, maybe the swans will stay. Maybe they won’t.


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