Adam’s Zootopia Review

One of my favorite quotes in life is “growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”.  I like to consider myself as a pretty mature guy, after all I am halfway through my twenties.  But there is no denying that I still have a childish side to me.  That side came out today as I went to watch the animated movie “Zootopia”.  While I certainly am no film critic nor am I a film expert, I am going to tell you my thoughts on this very well thought out movie.

I went into the theater with not much expectations, a few laughs here and there but basically I was just expecting a mild comedy that is meant for audiences way under my age.  I walked out of that theater very impressed all the way around.

The film came in at 1 hour and 48 minutes and it turns out to be the perfect length for this movie.  It was able to give laughter a life lesson and a great story all under two hours, it really kept you glued to the screen the entire time.

As for the comedy, it was certainly there.  Numerous times did the entire theater join in laughter at some witty humor that I didn’t expect in a “child’s movie”.  The writers did a great job at being able to draw in audience’s of all ages.  There were certainly references that were intended more towards the parents than the children. There were multiple racial undertones in some of the jokes, and there was also some slight drug references including a not so subtle Breaking Bad moment.

What really caught my attention is the message that the movie sent.  I am going to do my best to explain this without spoiling the movie for anyone that wants to go see it.  The message is the classic “you can be anything you want to be”.  It showed the main character overcoming obstacles and doubters, including those closest to her telling her that she doesn’t have a chance, and that she shouldn’t chase her dreams.  But she didn’t quit and tuned out all the negativity to pursue her dream anyways.  That is something that hits home with me.  Not that I have had people tell me not to chase my dreams, but I am a strong believer that you should never give up on doing what makes you happy.  This is one thing that I really hope sticks with the younger audience, is that they should never settle for less just because the road to their dreams may seem tough.

The storytelling was very well thought out, there was times when you thought you knew exactly what was going on, but then they would have a slight twist.  Then when you think the main story is over and everything makes sense, they add another twist.  It keeps you entertained from the beginning to the end.

This review was not very detailed, I hope it at least got you interested in seeing the movie for yourself so you can see what I am talking about.  I really do believe if you can find the inner child in yourself or if you have children or even younger siblings this is a great movie to take them to.  They will walk out learning a valuable life lesson and laughing throughout the entire time.  I can honestly say that I have zero complaints about the entire movie.

Zootopia gets a solid 10/10 from this guy.  I really encourage everybody to go see this movie I don’t think that you will be disappointed.





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