Think for yourself.

Tradition. Long held beliefs and ways of life. We all have traditions in some form or another. Family traditions during the holidays. School traditions for homecoming or senior year antics. Town traditions such as fairs and celebrations. In any culture or walk of life there is a rich culture of tradition. But there are other types of traditions that that are not serving us.

Tradition and beliefs boil down to a certain thought or action that is repeated and grew momentum until not just an individual, but society accepts them as “just the way it is” or “its just what you do”. A common example is when you graduate you get a job and a marriage have kids and so on. But why? Does this serve us? Or children being raised in a specific religious household and before they can decide their own beliefs are told “This is truth. This is the way it is.” The idea that you NEED a college degree is nothing more than a majority of individuals conforming to that idea until the people who don’t have degrees are the minority.

This is true with any new standard. The LGBT movement is mainstream now and you are cast from society if you don’t support it. But where were these supporters even 10 years ago? The civil rights movement. Now recognized as a great milestone but while it was happening many opposed it. People alive today SUPPORTED segregation! Imagine.

The fact is that people, the majority of them anyway, follow the status quo. The tradition and belief of “what is” is challenged by a few but they are usually silenced by the outcry from a crowd much greater in number than themselves. Society is influenced not by what is right. But what is popular. This is true even on smaller scales. Most people hold a religious affiliation. But ask yourself, “Why?” Would you hold those same beliefs if you weren’t raised this way?

Would you be a Republican, Democrat or Independent without your friends/family being such? Would you play sports or dance if you weren’t encouraged to do so at a young age?

The answer is maybe.

We all have traditions with family and community but what are your personal traditions? How many beliefs/hobbies/ideas are actually yours? Its ok to be introduced to something and like it but many times we believe things just because “that’s the way it is”.

And yet it’s almost never true.


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