Trumps Chicago Rally

Since when is it okay to make someone fearful they have to cancel an event?

Well that’s what happened this weekend. Its actually astonishing because if it happened to anyone else it would be so horrible, but since it was Donald Trump, it was all fine and dandy okay.

Many people took off work, got a babysitter, a hotel, drove all the way here, etc. to watch this rally. If it was a supporter, curious, or undecided, they came to watch trump and only trump. Not a bunch of so called “protesters” who were more than that, they were ridiculous. They were violent, rude, and yelling at Trump supporters calling them horrible names. Now of course no one will follow or read those stories because they always want to make Trump look like a horrible person. Seriously Trump has done many many great things, but when have you seen that spread through the media? Almost never. Not only is he up against the left, he is up against his own party! That’s not a bad thing that shows he must be doing something right!

Now, a lot of people say his free speech wasn’t violated? Really so what would you call this? Supporters were fearful of getting out of there. Supporters had CHILDREN there and were probably horrified with the hand gestures, language, etc. being thrown out there. Since when is it okay for someone to speak and shut someone out because they think their speech is right and the others is wrong so they should be silenced? No, that’s not how America works, everyone has a right to speak and think freely. They have a right to go somewhere to hear someone without being fearful because those people think differently. No ones free speech is more important than anyone else. The ones who claim Trump spreads hate and violence, were the ones actually doing so that night!  The police had to make people aware to stay away from the edge when driving away because they were throwing bottles up over the edge. They were blocking traffic from leaving. There was even one person who stood with a sign supporting Trump who had to eventually get away and have the police protect him from the protesters! HOW RIDICULOUS! Once again since when is your speech better than someone else? Oh… ITS NOT.

Since when if you state an opinion are you responsible for someones reaction? I guess if Trumps responsible for the guy who punched someone, then BLM or anyone who promotes them, is responsible for all the riots, violence, and hate that they have caused.


Obviously you have a right to protest, but when protests are not considered protests anymore, then that’s when it needs to be stopped. Violence, shutting others down, calling people names, making people fearful because of different views or opinions is not a “peaceful protest,” but then again I guess that’s what they called it again and again, when in fact it wasn’t. If you don’t like trump and cant have a peaceful protest why don’t you just go and vote for someone else?! You don’t have a right to shut down another political event so supporters or undecided voters can decide who they will vote for. Let THEM decide who to vote for because that is THEIR right, just like yours.


Seriously Chicago, if you could get that many “peaceful (laughable) protesters” to cause chaos, fear, violence etc,. Why cant you do so to clean up your city? To help STOP violence, rape, gangs, hate, etc,. Guess that would be too much?


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