By The People,For The People.

Why do we need change? Im glad you asked.
America was founded on he idea that all people are born free and that society should be in the hands of the common citizen. This was the basis for Congress and the checks and balances system between all three branches of government. One person, one group was never supposed to have the majority of power.
The problem is that America prospered -very quickly. Imports and exports were a booming business and newer inventions resulted in more and more jobs. Also, America has essentially been at war with someone since the early 18th century. These two factors are why we need change.
Prosperity is a great thing. But in America it happened so quickly that under everyone’s noses the big businesses gained more and more power. When Constitutional amendments are added to keep these people or events in check government gets bigger and legal and political precedents grow. Eventually we have bigger and bigger government and it gets complicated and so then to even run for office and/or vote the government wants you to be informed, educated and have experience. This need for experienced, career politicians grows and then you have people who are in power because the average person cannot run against them because they lack experience.
This drives the creation of laws that allow outrageous bills which give lifetime salaries worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to be paid to the career politicians. Meanwhile, business grows and the average person stays the same. Eventually politicians take on bigger bills, bigger ideas which require more money so ideas for increased taxes and lobbyists arise. Businesses now can contribute to candidates for a small sum that results in large and significant boosts in their favor.
Now we have a system that flourishes. Big government to take on the world. Big business to provide jobs and the average man works to supply this cycle.
Bigger government and big business has worldwide reaches. Which leads the average man further from course. If someone attacks you you have the right to defend yourself. If someone attacks your home you have the right to protect it. But the problem is when do you stop? If someone who threatens your neighbor do you have the right to attack/defend against them? The key is “threaten”. Because it is generally agreed upon that it is acceptable to defend your personal self it becomes exponentially harder to distinguish between a threat and a loud noise. The farther removed away from you a threat is more proof is required to take action. Otherwise, you’re the bad gay.
Drive for this fear of being attacked results in bigger military, secret intelligence and bases abroad. This tactic brings more and more push from enemies who otherwise would have been a non-issue.
Now we have a bigger government, bigger business and world-wide reach which results in bigger and bigger business with more complex government. Meanwhile, the average citizen, who was supposed to have a saying these changes is left at home at the whim and say of his country.
The average citizen follows laws that may or not be in their best interest due to the fact that government is essentially a class to itself. The needs and wants of the citizens are rarely heard as lobbyist power over government officials grow. The average citizen works jobs that are increasingly unfair do to the fact that those jobs have laws supporting them that are in the interest of the companies money but not the worker.
The issue here is that great countries are built on the back of normal people. Normal people build business, build government and everything that originates there. But as they build up the country they are left on the bottom level with higher ups forgetting how it all started.
We need change because the people need to remember they WE are the power. WE built this country and WE need to remind the powers that be of this.
This election is not about Republicans versus Democrats. This election is about deciding who we are as a people and where our future is heading. The world today does have pockets of “bad people” but as a whole this world is becoming more peaceful and more united. We are rallying with each other on progressive issues and have a real chance at being more united, as people, than ever.
So, when a candidate for President comes along who has an unblemished history of decades of voting for the people and not business and who wants to put power back into the hands of ordinary citizens, he has my vote.
This country was made by the people and for the people and only one candidate truly believes this.

I encourage you to ask, “Who?”


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