The Secret To Being A Better You

Money, Power, Fear or Religion.  These are typically what motivates people.  Everybody wants more money, Everybody wants more power, Nobody wants to fail and Everyone wants to go to Heaven.  When I hear people say that they just don’t have the motivation I just think to myself that’s not true, you just don’t have the will power.  Motivation is constantly all around you, you just have to know how to find it.

Money is typically a very strong motivator.  Would you jump out of a plane for a million dollars?  Some people pay to jump out of a plane, but others who are afraid of heights might not even think that a million dollars is enough to put their life in danger. Money may not be their motivator, or maybe it is and they just need to view it differently.

Would you jump out of a plane for a new house? a new wardrobe? a college education for you and/or your children?  Maybe that would provide someone with a fear of heights their motivation to jump out of a plane.  You could use that million dollars for any of those things, you just have to look at it a little bit differently.  Now obviously this is a hypothetical situation, but its something you can probably relate to your current situation in life .

Look to your left, now look to your right.

What do you see?

Are you happy with what you see? Or are you just satisfied?

When you look at your current life, and you look back at the decisions you made to get where you are, each decision was made with a certain motivation.  Yeah there are the obvious choices, like leaving a lower paying job to go to a higher paying job. Money was the obvious motivation behind that decision.   Did you give that homeless man $5 because you believe that’s what your God wants you to do and you want to get into Heaven, or did you do it simply because you felt sorry for that guy.  I believe a lot of the time in a situation like that, we each see ourselves with the shoe on the other foot so to speak. If we were the homeless one, we would want someone to give us the $5 so that we can go get something to eat.  There is a driving factor in all of us that causes us to make those kinds of decisions without looking at the bigger picture.

When you take a step back, and reflect on everything that you have done up to this point in your life, there will be absolutely nothing that you can find in your life that you can’t trace back to being motivated by something.  Even if you are like myself and very impulsive, there is a reason behind your impulse decisions.


Why did you go buy those $120 pair of Nike’s? Because they look cool?

NO, because they made you feel good about yourself when you wear them, which makes you happy.

Why did you leave that lower paying job for that higher paying job? Because it gives you more money, which enables you to either buy new things, or do new things THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY!!

Keep searching, think of anything and I bet you that you can trace it back to making YOU happy.

Why did you give that homeless guy $5? Because you want to get into heaven? That may be true, but when it comes down to it giving him $5 makes him happy because he gets to eat that day, which makes you happy knowing that you made a difference AND depending on your beliefs, it will help you get into Heaven that’s what you would call a win-win.

When you realize that everything you do is based on what makes you happy, then why not cut out the middle man?  Go about your day, purposely finding and doing what it is that makes you happy!  If what makes you happy is having nice things but you don’t make enough money at your current job, then jump on a job search site (after you repost/retweet/share this blog… 🙂 Thanks! ) and find a better paying job that will allow you to be happy!

People, we were not put onto this planet to pay bills and die.

We were put on this planet to serve a purpose, and whatever your purpose may be I guarantee you won’t find it doing something you hate. As Drake and every millennial has said, You Only Live Once, or YOLO. So why not do it to the absolute extreme of being happy.  When you do leave this planet, what will you be remembered for? Will they remember you as the man/woman who worked 80 hours a week, and saved a lot of money? or will they remember you as the man/woman that everyone wanted to be around because of how happy you were.  As my favorite author Brad Meltzer said, you are the one who writes your obituary.  What do you want yours to say?  If you live every single day from now, until you take your final breath as someone who is writing their own obituary, I promise you that you will be HAPPY with the end result.

So yes Money, Power, Fear and Religion are strong motivators, but they all branch from happiness.


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-Adam Wisenbarger


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