You Will Be Fine

Many of us have fear. Fear of failure. Fear of abandonment. Fear of heights. Fear comes in every shape, size, color and flavor. It can cripple us. Make us act irrationally. It is the driving force behind every evil ever committed. When we have fear we are looking past the present moment to the future and seeing a bad outcome. A perceived threat. We see that and protect ourselves by changing our current situation to avoid that threat. The problem is that most fear is irrational and the solution we muster up is usually just as irrational.
We learn to do this at a young age. Parents, grandparents, friends family; they all teach us to be afraid. Of death, debt, bad grades, weird habits, strangers, new things, people who are different, everything is big and scary. The result is yet another generation of people who keep their heads down and live the easy life. The conforming life. And they, because of fears, never reach their full potential.

To all of you who have a fear I want to tell you this: you are stronger than you can possibly imagine. There is no hardship that can break you. You will NEVER experience anything that you cannot handle. I promise!

My dog recently transitioned out of this world. It was my biggest fear. She was with me during all of high school, college, my first apartment.. She was with me as I became and adult. She was my closest friend and to think of her not being with me was honestly my worst fear. I couldn’t imagine life without her. Literally. I felt that if she died I would die of sadness.
But here I am. When she died it was the worst thing I’ve ever felt. I’ve known people who’ve died. But this was the single worst thing I will ever experience. And also one of the most profound. This isn’t meant to be about my spiritual beliefs and I’m not getting into that now but I am OK. I didn’t die of sadness, though it felt like I could have.
I lived through my worst fear and I am here to say YOU WILL BE FINE. Your worst version of what could be is ALWAYS worse than what actually will be.
People could read this and not relate to my love for a dog and think their fear is a “true” fear. But fear is unique to the individual. And whether you are afraid of heights or afraid of losing a loved one don’t let that change your present moment.The present moment is the only moment you will ever have

and I promise you will be fine.


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