Peyton Manning to the Browns??

Peyton ManningYes, you read that correctly.  Could Peyton Manning be on his way to Cleveland to help the Browns?  It’s not as far fetched as it may seem.

As you have probably heard by now, legendary Quarterback Peyton Manning has announced his retirement from the NFL.  If you are a Browns fan, chances are you may have heard the rumors that he could be potentially joining the Cleveland Browns front office.  Browns owner Jimmy Haslem is a huge financial backer of Tennessee Volunteer’s football program. Peyton Manning attended Tennessee to play quarterback.  Through the years they have made a connection and it has been rumored for a few years now that Peyton may have a spot waiting for him in the Browns front office once he hangs up his cleats.

It just so happens that former Browns president announced his resignation a couple of days ago.  Now, today, Peyton Manning let it be known that he will officially announce his retirement from the NFL on Monday.  Could the stars be aligning to have Peyton actually join the Browns as team President? or is this pure coincidence?

Either way, I must give credit where credit is due. After 18 seasons (14 with Colts 4 with Broncos) Peyton Manning will go down as one of the best that has ever played.  He holds the all time career passing record with 71,940 yards, including a record 5,477 in one season (2013)  He has totaled a record 539 touchdown passes (399 with Colts and 140 with Broncos) including a record 55 in one season (also 2013).  He also ties the record for most regular season wins by a Quarterback with 186. (Brett Favre)  Peyton has also won more MVP awards than any other player in NFL history (5).  Peyton Manning is also the only quarterback to hoist the Lombardi Trophy (trophy you get when you win the Super Bowl) with 2 different teams.  Peyton played in 4 different Super Bowls with 4 different head coaches which is an indication that Peyton played a large roll in getting his team there.

There is absolutely no denying that Peyton Manning will be a 1st ballot Hall of Fame player.  He could no doubt jump right into the Head Coaching world of the NFL if he so chooses but it is widely believed that if Peyton were to stick around the game of football it would be in a front office capacity.  Peyton has had quite a bit of success off the field as well, I’m sure you have seen him in multiple commercials such as State Farm, and Papa Johns, and even a car commercial or two.  Peyton would have every reason to just enjoy retirement by spending time with his family, playing some golf, and watching his brother Eli finish out the rest of his career.

Whatever Peyton chooses to do, whether its join the Cleveland Browns front office, or enjoy some family time his legacy is already set.  There is nothing that he could do that could possibly hurt the way people will remember his accomplishments on the field.  But just let this cross your mind for a moment.  Imagine what his legacy could be if he does join the Browns, and imagine if the Browns turn things around under his reign.  His legacy for his accomplishments off the field could possibly be just as memorable (certainly more memorable for the fan base in Cleveland) than what he did on it.  It may be pure coincidence, but maybe Peyton Manning is just the Quarterback the Browns need to turn things around.



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