Rescue Petting Zoo.

To me, all life is precious. I try to not even harm insects. The animals of this planet are co-habitants with us here but too often humans think themselves superior. This is changing for the better more and more and I think that that is great!

Pets are something that almost all of us have had and I think a truly great way of teaching love and friendship to children. More and more, rescue animals are finding homes as people are getting fed up with the idea of factory farms. Rescue animals need adopted into loving homes but I think we need to take it a step further.

I think rescue shelters and shelters for older animals should become open and take on a “petting zoo” approach. Not every animal will be adopted, that is just the way things go, but in this way EVERY animal will get the attention and interaction that is soooo vital for them.

There have been experiments with pets in prison and pets in nursing homes to help the elderly and the incarcerated but lets start bringing people to help the animals!

A recent dream/goal of mine is to have a large open property for older animals where they can roam free and also have access to indoors. There would also be “visiting hours” where people could come and see the animals. They could play with them, visit with them, whatever. This would allow the chance for people to adopt these animals and also to give the animals a great life experience that they may or may not have had before.

I think that would be a great idea.



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