Why Bernie Sanders?

In the media there is the assumption that Bernie Sanders is done. Hillary will win, is winning, has won. But the problem is that is hardly the case. More and more people are “Feeling The Bern” and you should too.

Bernie Sanders is an amazing opportunity for this country. I am no poli-sci major nor do I claim to be the most knowledgeable on current events but here is my opinion:

The world is changing. America is changing. The media would have us believe that war is everywhere, crime is rampant, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. But the honest truth is that for most people the world is quite a peaceful place and in the other places its getting better. More and more the common person is showing how fed up they are with the powers that be. Labeling of GMO foods, accessible healthcare for everyone, truly equal rights for all. The average person is tired of the way things are being ran. Millenials are definately not wanting to walk in their parents footsteps.

Todays person wants truth. We want to know what we’re eating is what it says. We want to know the media is telling the truth and we want to know that the people in power are who they say they are.

This election is unique. Unique in that a celebrity is running. He was laughed at but is now a “uuge” contender. The republicans are more split than ever and although not really being talked about the Democrats are split as well.

The younger crowd wants Bernie. Why? Because we want change.

Both parties and all candidates are different in views, beliefs, opinions and methods. But Bernie Sanders is winning the 35 and under crowd. He is winning us because he resonates honesty. He has been saying the same things for decades upon decades. Hillary Clinton would like you to believe that her message is along those lines but the facts show she changes her views based on the crowd she’s addressing. Donald Trump is winning because he speaks his mind. But his views are full of fear and hate. 

Donald Trump is a fear monger. Hillary Clinton is an opinion chameleon. Bernie Sanders is.. Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has been trying to make uuniversal healthcare a reality. He has been a champion for equal rights even in the days of Martin Luther King jr. He has never been supported nor given support for big corporations. He has his beliefs and cannot be bought. Its time to support a candidate that doesn’t have a scandal in the news. Its time to support ideas that the rest of the world is already embracing. Candidates who put financial or political gain above the rights and freedom of others need to be called what they are.

So, why Bernie Sanders? Because the world today has spoken. All over the world equality is becoming more and more. Healthcare, education, love and peace are being idealized. The world is becoming better, more united. America needs to finally remove the corruption in the criminal justic system and on wall street. Its time to have a truly free America. And Bernie Sanders has been trying to bring that reality to America his entire life because he truly believes in. And because its the reality You, I and America desperately needs.



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