Steph Curry: The Phenomenon

Steph CurryOk, I’m sitting here watching Mike&Mike and Russulo&Kannell and they are talking about Steph Curry.  They just got done interviewing a former player Walt Frazier who spent a huge part of his career with the New York Knicks, and a small part with the Cavs.  Frazier is ANOTHER former player who refuses to believe that Steph Curry should get the credit that he does.

As a Cavs fan… I really wish he was right.

But he’s not.  The former players really do believe that if Steph Curry played “back in their day” that he would not be the player that he is today, because “they didn’t have a 3 point line” and “he would be hand checked the second he crossed over half court”.  Well thats all good and dandy, but for just one second have they taken into consideration that Steph has possibly the best ball handling in the NBA? (as a biased Cavs fan i still say Kyrie has better handles)  Hand checking might slow him down just a bit, but Steph is a very capable passer.  If he isn’t blowing by the defender he would be finding the open man and hurting the defense that way.  That would cause the defense to play tighter defense on their man leaving Steph one on one with his own defender which he would blow by and use his insanely quick release to drop in “2 pointers” from anywhere on the court.

What I’m trying to say is the man with the girly name can create his own shots.  There isn’t any era of defense that can stop that from happening.  29 other teams stay awake at night trying to figure out how in the hell they can stop that dude, and they fail night after night.  Again, I am a Cavs fan, I try every single day to find flaws in his game and be like the grumpy old dudes of the past and discredit what he is out there doing. The only way I can succeed in finding flaws in his game is if i LIE to myself!!

What Steph is doing is incredible.  The man can shoot the ball like nobody we have ever seen.  He is in every definition of the word a “game changer”.  The NBA is changing right in front of us because of the way Steph Curry plays.

When LeBron entered the league 13 years ago, he had such high expectations that he was almost destined to fail.  From the time LeBron was 16 years old everyone expected him to be the next Michael Jordan.  When LeBron came into the NBA he was different from everybody else because of his size, athleticism, and passing ability.  He can play any position from Point Guard to Center and be productive at each spot.  Steph Curry can’t do that, but Steph Curry don’t need to do that.

LeBron James has lived up to all the expectations that were placed on him as a teenager, and in some aspects may have even exceeded them.  LeBron has made a lot of money over his time, like, A LOT. But that will not count toward his legacy on the court when he finally hangs em up.  What matters is what you accomplish on the court.  Also what matters is what have you done lately.  And lately Steph Curry has done a lot.

So as a bitter Cavs fan, I have this to say…Enjoy It.  Watch Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors break the single season Wins Record this season and watch Steph Curry shoot the ball from 8 feet behind the 3 point line and smile.  Know that in 20 years you will get to look back on this time and tell your kids or grandkids about watching Steph Curry play.  Then watch Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors battle through the tough Western Conference to try to repeat their Championship.  Then watch LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers put a historical stop to everything that Steph and the Warriors accomplish this season in the NBA Finals. Then come with me to Cleveland, to the Championship parade and celebrate


One thought on “Steph Curry: The Phenomenon

  1. As a Buckeye now living in Curryland (thirty minutes north of The Bridge), we first started really paying attention to the phenomenon that is the Golden State Warriors last year in the semi-finals just to size up what King James was going to be up against hs first year back in Cleveland. We were dazzled, we were amazed, we were utterly transfixed. By the time the two teams met in the finals, my heart was still cheering on the Cavs, but I’ll admit, I loved watching the Warriors play. Their teamwork is a wonder to behold. Yes, Steph is truly one of the best three pointer shooters, numbers don’t lie, but he is also an amazing fascilitator and his ball handling is dazzling. But what I admire most is how he leads the team. No one is just trying to stack up stats. They shoot the ball if they have the shot and they pass the ball if they don’t. Most team assists in the NBA…that’s a team, not a group of players wearing the same jerseys. We bought the NBA pass this year so we have seen a lot of basketball teams and watched how they play. No one does what Steph does and no team does what the Warriors do. When we get to the finals, my Western Conference team and my Eastern Conference team will meet again and I sincerely hope LeBron is able to “get one for the ‘land”. But I’m with you, when it comes to Steph Curry, sit down, shut up, and enjoy the show.


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